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Frequently Asked Questions

Your certificates can be found in the ‘My Account’ area at the top of every page in the Discover Conference. To get your certificate you must complete the course quiz or quizzes. After the quiz is completed, the certificate will appear.

If your name is displaying incorrectly on  your certificate you can fix it easily. Go to My Account > Account Details and look for the ‘Display Name’ field. Change that to whatever you need and save it. That should fix your issue.

You log into the Discover Conference at You’ll need to use your user name or your email associated with the account and your password.

When you registered for your account you should have received an email with your new password. If you can’t find that password please attempt to recover / reset your password by using the ‘forgot password’ link at the bottom of the page.

If all else fails please fill out the form below.

Once you’re successfully logged in you are taken directly to the Discover Conference main page. All of your content for the conference/s can be accessed from there.

This is only applicable if registration is open. If it’s not open please join our wait list to receive updates about the upcoming Discover Conferences.

To register for the conference click on one of the ‘registration’ link n the main menu. From there you will add the Discover Conference product to your shopping cart by clicking on ‘add to cart’ and then going through the process described at the link below.

Please note! If you have previously registered for a Discover Conference, you may need to log in BEFORE you sign up for a new conference.

No! You can watch the videos at a time that is most convenient for you. Each day 2 to 3 speaker sessions will become active in the conference. The sessions will be available on-demand and are not live. Deborah and the speakers will be monitoring the comments section of each session and answering questions. Day 4 of the conference is the only live event and a recording of that event will be published and available, on-demand, after it’s over. All content will remain available for viewing 90 days after the final day of the conference.

The content for this event will be available as each session comes online over the course of the 5-day event. The content and certificates you earn by watching the content will be available for 60-days after the event.

On the final day of the conference I just might have a special announcement about how to get longer-term access to this and future conferences! So you’ll want to stick around as this will only be revealed on the last day of the conference!

We provide a certificate of completion for each session that you attend. It’s up to the participant to check with their administrators to see if the certificate can be used for credit hours in your program.

We understand the need for continuing education training and we believe this conference will make difference for you and your students.